Hello Stoopers!

By Drew Colvin

It feels prudent to kick off the blog with some background of what brought us here.

We Stoop Reporters started this project because we saw political discourse deteriorating and wanted to do something about it.  Republicans ran right, Democrats are running left and everyone is expected to pick a side. Wherever you stand, the other side is evil.

Well we don’t want to pick a side.

We value all views that are expressed thoughtfully, respectfully, and are accompanied by a willingness to listen to other viewpoints.

Without dialogue and without working towards finding common ground, we will be torn apart as a society.

Enter the Stoop Reporters. We don’t claim to have a monopoly on the truth and we don’t claim to be experts. We only want to do our part to contribute to constructive discourse. Striving towards intelligent conversations and learning as we go.

Just a group of guys, sitting on a stoop, trying to save the world one rambling conversation at a time.

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