From Tragedy to Triumph

Las Vegas Nevada 2

by Drew Colvin

The senseless killing and maiming of scores of concert goers in Las Vegas this weekend has our country reeling. Once again we are forced to ask ourselves why these mass shootings continue to happen on American soil. I hope that this tragedy is an impetus for a thorough and honest evaluation of the causes and solutions to the problem, however history tells us that lasting change is unlikely.

With that said, I have been heartened by the media’s coverage. Instead of focusing on the murderer, much of the coverage these past few days have been focused on the stories of the innocents who were lost and the heroes who emerged as the attack was unfolding. From the first responders and civilians who used their bodies as human shields, or carried away the wounded, or served as field medics, to the broader community who has stepped up to donate blood, time, and resources. These are the stories that matter.

Part of the motivation for these diabolical attacks seems to be the infamy that comes with it. An opportunity to be remembered. It is easy for the media to fall into the trap of focusing on the attackers and giving them the attention they crave. We need to be careful not to elevate them or give them a platform. Murderers don’t deserve to be remembered.

By focusing on the positive stories that come out of such a tragedy, we take away the power from would-be attackers. It gives us a sense of hope that there is more good than evil in the world. The victims deserve to have their lives celebrated and their deaths mourned, and the heroes deserve to be exalted for their courage and selflessness.

If every attack makes our communities stronger and makes us love our neighbors harder, then good will always win.

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